Which Sign is Right for My Business?

Which Sign is Right for My Business?

Which Sign is Right for My Business?  

By Andrew Stratton

Attracting new customers to your business is easy with a well-designed sign. Choosing the right signs for your business is the key to creating new clients and --- keeping your company on the map.

Advertising is the key to attracting new customers and maintaining a steady stream of regulars. And nothing is more important than first impressions, so it is imperative that you choose the proper signage for your storefront or business.

Attracting new customers to your business is easy when you have a well-designed sign. It may seem like a relatively simple decision to make, but choosing the wrong signs can potentially lose you valuable business. Here are a number of factors to consider when picking out your signage.


1. What does your business need?

What kind of business you are running is one of the biggest deciding factors in which signs will be most the suitable. If your clientèle will be comprised of referrals, something straightforward and simple will do the trick. However, if you're reaching out to foot traffic, you'll want eye-catching, easily legible designs and scripts


2. Where is your business?

The location of your business will determine the size of the script, colors, and amount of signs necessary to capture people's attention. If you're competing with much nearby signage or many street lanes, you'll need bigger letters, bolder colors, and you may even need to extend the sign above the business itself. Is there a large tree obstructing the view of your business? You'll want to think about the angle at which drivers passing by are able to easily view your signage. Examine the property carefully in order to determine where the clearest view will be and how to maximize the space.


3. Do you need neon?

Neon signs can be your main sign, such is often the case with bars or pool halls; however, many other businesses find that one or two neon signs can help attract attention and send clear messages. The most common are "open", "exit", and "enter". These are especially useful for businesses that operate later hours as the neon is easily visible and eye-catching even in the dark. Neon is a great way to add some color and attraction to your storefront. More artistic signs such as picture logos can also be successfully created from neon.


4. What does the sign need to convey?

Business names do not always reflect the products or services being offered, so your sign needs to give the proper impression to clients. If your business' name is "Pete's", who is going to know what you're selling? Add additional information when necessary. Descriptive phrases such as "pet store" or "family dentist" can clarify your business.


5. What type of material?

One of the most popular types of material for signs is high density urethane. They have a similar look to carved wooden signs, but weather much better and are more versatile as they can be sanded, machined, or carved. Wood carved signs are a cheaper alternative and have an old time feel which can suit some businesses quite well. And as mentioned previously, neon works well for certain types of businesses as well as a striking additional sign to attract attention.

Attracting new customers to your business is easy with a well-designed sign. Metro Sign A Rama offers custom-made signs with quick access and capable installers to get your sign up quickly.