Branding Integrity


Brand integrity is difficult to define. The term incorporates several facets of branding – awareness, loyalty, reputation and consistency, for example.

Brand awareness incorporates tangibles such as signage, logos, slogans, icons, trademarks, jingles and more. These are the physical attributes that tell us who your company is. Consistency and repetition of these through marketing, advertisements, signage, stationary, Web sites and business cards is what generates the less tangible quality of public awareness of your brand. It’s not physical, but it sure adds to the bottom line.

Integrity also speaks to the reputation of your business. When customers see your logo, whether it is on a sign or on a Web page, they know what to expect. More important, though, a reputation for customer service, timely services, and quality products is what brings in new clients. Brand integrity means that even noncustomers trust your brand and will likely come to you when they need a product or service that you offer.

The right design for the physical attributes of your company has a long-range impact on the intangibles so it is important to work closely with your sign vendor and marketing team to develop the most effective choice for your business.


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