Designing your Signage


The style, the letters, the color, the size – there are so many choices. All have impact on the effectiveness of your business sign. Your sign may be the first thing a customer learns about you, so it had better make a good impression.

Let’s take style first. The styling of the sign should reflect the personality of your business, the image you want people to see. For a nightclub, flashing neon and bright colors tells customers what to expect when they go there. An attorney might choose a discreet, classic style to convey professionalism and integrity.

Lettering. Your sign needs to be visible and easily read. Though exotic-styled letters may be your personal favorite, deciphering your company name may leave clients scratching their heads. If you are set on a fancy style, maybe do just the first letter and the rest in a more traditional letter.

Colors are another element in creating the right sign.  For example:


Yellow – denotes happy. Think of those golden arches and Happy Meal.

Blue – trustworthy, reliable. Blue Chip stocks come to mind.

Green – healthy, environmentally friendly.

Purple – royal, mysterious, plush.

Black/white – traditional, professional, formal.


When choosing a size, think about the location of where it will be placed. Inside an office building or on a door requires a different visibility than if you are trying to attract customers to pull off the freeway to your business. Use signs that are only as large as necessary because you don’t want to overpower customers, nor do you want to use too small a sign that might imply your business is insignificant.




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