Interior Décor


Signs used inside buildings can serve a variety of purposes such as directional (marking office numbers or tenant floors); explanatory (mall maps with store information); facilities related (emergency exits, bathrooms, fire extinguishers); branding and décor. Yes, we said décor.

Signs can be used effectively for decorative purposes. Inspirational quotes, images, graphics, murals – all fall under signage – and the use of these elements can enhance a business, a lobby, an entertainment venue or even a home.

In a store, a café-style sign can show shoppers where the coffee shop is. Starbucks takes full advantage of interior signs for its in-store locations at places such as an airport. In grocery stores, creative lettering and imaginative three-dimensional images can create a flavor for each department. For example, a large loaf of bread on a cutting board suspended above the bakery is eye-catching and easy to spot throughout the store. Or perhaps a cow cutout above the dairy products is the choice to make.

At the theater, reading the movie posters (another type of signage) is a part of the experience. Overlarge three-dimensional popcorn bags and drinks add to the ambience. Signs give you the menu options for orders, the numbers to find the theater that has your movie and the start time; signs tell you where to exit and where the nearest bathroom is.

So don’t stop once you have your outdoor signage in place. Be creative and work with your sign company to give customers a visual treat once they are inside your doors.



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