Retail Signage


One of the most effective means of researching your sign is to look at what other businesses near your location are doing. How big are their signs? Which ones stand out and why? Take notes about lettering, colors and styles. Also, check in with the city where your business is opening. Understand the codes that apply to signs for businesses located there. Being prepared will save you time and money in getting your sign completed.

 Your sign should tell customers what you do or what you sell. Once look, and it should be clear to customers why they are coming into your place of business.

Retail signs serve as a gateway to customers, which means they also need to direct your customer to where you want them to go. For example, a sign might direct clients to the leasing office at an apartment complex, or point customers to correct entrance for your business.

Now, settle down to decide how to make your business stand out among the others.


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