POP Signs (Point of Purchase)


POP (Point of purchase) Advertising Displays

According to the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, in-store advertising, such as POP displays, accounts for 53 percent to 60 percent of consumer purchases. With numbers like those, it's a good idea to add POP displays to your business’s signage and advertising mix. . Effective POP displays can have a dramatic impact on sales for a particular product category or brand.


POP displays come in many styles - from lighted menu boards to ceiling posters to body-sized display units that capture a consumer’s eye. Recently, static signs have begun to give way to electronic, dynamically updated point-of-purchase displays that present targeted product information, instant coupons, and more. The software used to control these dynamic POP displays typically allows for near-real time content updates, allowing brand managers to run instant marketing experiments, geographically targeted promotions campaigns, and more.

In addition to signage POPs can be used for display graphics in seminars and presentations, courtroom exhibits, or anyplace else where rigid graphics are desired.

POP displays provide many benefits, including:

  1. Helping customers make informed buying decisions
  2. Encouraging impulse buys
  3. Increasing sales
  4. Creating a unified brand image in multiple locations 



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