Window Graphics


Imagine an entire wall to paint and use as you see fit. That’s what the windows to your storefront offer – a wonderful creative opportunity to sell your business and add to its image.

Anyone who drives down a street or freeway sees products and services being advertised. If your business is in the middle of the city, then window graphics might be a good choice for your marketing. Retailers use windows as a way to reach consumers. These graphics are designed to go on either the inside of your window, or on the outside. Customers and employees also should be able to see through it. Customers will notice what they see in a large window display, and eye-catching graphics may lead them in to shop.

Window graphics, often made from vinyl that adheres to the glass, are less permanent than some forms of signage and can be changed out to match different seasons or different sales themes.  Other tips include using layers to create a 3-D effect, use a custom screening that can create ambiance on the interior of the building, create a stained-glass effect with colored graphics or perhaps create a mural. Translucent films can create scenes such as jungle forest or an underwater theme.

Window screening graphics also can create a more private effect, such as in office buildings where light needs to be muted on the interior. Lettering on windows can provide important information, such as operating hours and contact information.



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