Magnetic Signs


   Magnetics are a great way to advertise your business on a personal

vehicle. Magnetics are just like the magnets you use on your

refrigerator only larger. They apply to any metal surface easily and

are removed the same. Magnetics if properly cared for will last several

years, even in Arizona.

  We can apply simple text to the mags or do full color digital prints.

Company logos & type styles may be utilized if desired. Background

of magnetics come stock white, but any color can be applied over them

to enhance the visual impact. We typically try to use a color for the

text that will have a strong contrast, but the final colors are up to you.

  The magnetic material comes on rolls, that are 24" x 50'.  All mags

are custom cut per job.  We do have standard sizes, but we can do any

desired size. See some examples.