Pan-Channel Letters


  Pan-Channel letters are used mainly as a main business ID. This is the best and least expensive way to generate walk-in business. A good channel letter set can add to the professionalism of your company and attract new customers. We will incorporate logos and type styles that are congruent with your company.

Most of the channel letter sets we do are made of aluminum and Plexiglas to avoid the rust of metal. They can have raceways or not, depending on the style of signs around you and preexisting requirements. We can use any material for your application unless local code stipulates a specific material or manufacturing process. We will  discuss all of these items on a per job basis as all jobs are not the same.

 The basic manufacturing technique of the letters are the same, but if you add neon or LED illumination then they have to be built to local electrical codes this, may affect stroke width and depth.