Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips



Time Management Tips


By John Boe

Everyone is given exactly the same amount of time each day. It is up to us to manage this time as

we would any other precious, nonrenewable asset. In the world of commission sales, time is

indeed money! Time management is at the very core of being a successful salesperson. Effective

salespeople know how to concentrate on results while ineffective salespeople concentrate on just

being busy. Counting time is not nearly as important as making time count. Effective salespeople

focus on task achievement rather than tension relieving diversions. By incorporating the use of

proven time management techniques into your daily routine, you will earn more money and

experience less stress in your life. Avoid procrastination in all of its attractive forms. Learn to

separate the important from the unimportant and develop a "Do it NOW" attitude. People

manage time by managing their activities and managing activities begins with planning.

Effective time managers understand the importance of "planning their work and then working

their plan."


It is up to us to respect time and give it both meaning and value. If you want to know the value of

a year, ask a P.O.W. that has lost his freedom. If you want to know the value of a month, ask a

mother that has given birth to a premature baby. If you want to know the value of a week, ask the

editor of a weekly newspaper. If you want to know the value of a day, ask a schoolboy on the last

day before summer vacation. If you want to know the value of an hour, ask a criminal sentenced

to death. If you want to know the value of a minute, ask a person that just missed their flight. If

you want to know the value of a second, ask a person that just avoided a serious car accident. If

you want to know the value of a millisecond, ask an Olympic silver medallist.


   1. Plan your day the night before. List and prioritize the top five objectives you desire to

       accomplish when you get to the office. Start with the number one item on your list and

       stay with it until it is complete. Try to do the most difficult tasks first.

   2. Your first priority as a salesperson is to make appointments. If you do not have an

       appointment with a prospect, then get on the phone and make one. I recommend you

       make your phone calls in the morning when you are fresh and alert.

   3. Let your friends and co-workers know when you do not want to be disturbed. Close your

       office door and stay focused on the task at hand. An open door invites continuous


   4. Get to the office early. You will never be successful in the sales profession if you get into

       the habit of coming to work at the "crack of noon."

   5. Avoid long personal phone calls, lunches and coffee breaks. How much of your day do

       you spend with a client or actively prospecting for new business? You may want to start

       an activity log and track how you spend your time.

   6. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Avoid the temptation of doing administrative duties and

       paperwork. Salespeople historically tend to hide behind their paperwork. Focus your

       efforts on the things that you are licensed or hired to do and consider employing someone

       else to handle your paperwork. If you have any doubt, ask yourself "What is the best use

       of my time right now?"